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Pikeville, Kentucky


Trivers Associates


Codell Construction


Terraced hillside construction


AIA Kentucky Design Award


AIA Kentucky Merit Award, New construction greater than $15.0 M


AIA St. Louis Merit Award,  


National  Optometric Association, Optometry School of the Year Award

A new $45.0 M, 7-story health education facility.  The building structure utilizes a structural steel frame with composite steel beams and wide flange columns.  The lateral resisting system utilizes the concrete shear walls in conjunction with moment frames (connections of bolted end-plate connections designed by Brown + Kubican).  The south façade steps inward necessitating the use of plate girders at the third level to support the floors above.  The plate girders also cope up to 18” from the 33” maximum depth to accommodate a waterproofed double-slab system at an outdoor terrace.  Interior floor slabs are recessed for topping slabs to be polished.  The seventh-story is open without interior columns for use as an assembly space.

The structure is situated into a steep hillside with minimal clearance to the Record Memorial Building to the east and to Sycamore Street to the north.  The excavation required an approximate 260 lf by 28 feet tall pile and lagging wall with tiebacks to support the street and allow for excavation to the bedrock shelf which was designed by Brown+Kubican, PSC to coordinate with the building foundations.  From that level the bedrock was drilled, presplit and excavated to a strict tolerance so as to minimize subsequent backfill.  To accommodate the site relief the structure is terraced into the hillside at the 5th story to incorporate a necessary soil excavation and retainage up to Sycamore Street into the building space for minimal additional cost.  The building structure utilizes cast-in-place concrete walls supported by rock anchors up to the 5th story.  The sixth story and outlying connector utilize concrete foundation walls braced by buttress walls.  A one-story connector to the adjoining structure likewise uses a combination of cantilever and buttressed walls to resist 2-stories of grade differential.