"Aside from my passion for spending time with my wife and daughter, I am an automotive enthusiast and relish restoring and modifying cars. When I am in between car projects, I also enjoy woodworking and photography. I am a sports fanatic and follow too many to keep track of, but some of my favorites are the NFL, tennis, and MMA/Brazilian jujitsu.” –Matt


About Matt
Matt joined BK in 2009 and has more than twelve years of design and construction experience with various project types. Matt oversees various projects and directs delivery of quality engineering services that help our clients achieve their unique goals. Matt also guides the firm’s strategic external communication and marketing. In his time at BK, he has held key roles on such projects as the Central Bank Center renovations, the Rupp Arena renovations, and the Kentucky Proud Park baseball stadium for the University of Kentucky.



Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 2008
Master of Science in Civil Engineering, 2009
University of Kentucky


Direct: 859-303-6513
Mobile: 859-248-6867


Matt Weekley, PE, SE