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"I’m originally from Cuba, a beautiful archipelago in the Caribbean Sea. I’m a big fan of outdoor activities like fishing and camping, among others. In my free time at home, I enjoy watching movies, science documentaries, and spending time with my family.” – Juan
About Juan

Juan joined BK in 2022. He previously worked as Project Engineer at Caldwell Tanks Structural Engineering Department, where he was responsible for reviewing project requirements to properly commission equipment of systems, design of structural components and foundations, and drawing detailed project design layouts to ensure conformance to specifications. Now Juan continues his development towards his professional engineering licensure.


Associate in Science
Jefferson Community and Technical College, 2018 


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 2021

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering, 2022

University of Louisville

Office: 502-749-2061

Mobile: 502-819-8449


Project Engineer | Louisville Office

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