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Number of openings: 1

Job Description

The Executive Assistant position is a full-time hourly role reporting to the Business Manager and Office Managing Principal. The responsibilities include administrative support, accounting and HR duties, project administration, and supporting marketing efforts. Key requirements include initiative, dependability, and personable demeanor, along with proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite and the ability to quickly learn new software programs. The ideal candidate should exhibit strong communication skills, professionalism, and multitasking abilities. Some hardware and IT setup experience is a plus.

Job Requirements

+   Education: Associates degree or experience

+   Initiative, Dependable, Personable 

 Proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook Calendar, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

+   Computer literacy with the ability to quickly learn new software programs (e.g., Unanet AE, Unanet CRM, Bluebeam, InDesign, etc.)

+   Strong communication skills

+   Exhibits Professionalism

 Ability to multitask and effectively manage expectations for completion

+   Some ability to set up hardware, IT for meetings (starting virtual calls and verify working directly) is a plus

 Marketing and design experience is a plus, but not required

Job Responsibilities:

+   Administrative Support

     +   Filing, organizing, and data entry

     +   Manage office supplies and inventory

     +   Coordinate and facilitate company events, including set up and clean up

     +   Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information and exercise discretion in all interactions

     +   Documenting fixtures and technology purchases for tax reporting

     +   Support for Strategic Planning 

     +   Backup responder for tenant issues

+   Accounting and HR Duties

     +   Assisting with bookkeeping tasks 
     +   Supporting onboarding of new staff members
     +   Managing multiple office calendars, including scheduling for conference rooms and automobile usage
     +   Coordination of employee annual reviews 
     +   Assist BKU dean in presentation preparation

+   Project Administration

     +   Data Entry (Project green sheets, Unanet project info)

     +   Managing currently and archived contracts

     +   Data mining on previous projects

     +   Setting up projects (Folders)

     +   Closeout / Archiving

     +   SPIN Letter, Final Letter

     +   Specification editing support

+   Support Marketing Efforts

     +   Assist in proposal preparation

     +   Maintain personnel resumes

     +   Entering new clients, contacts, opportunity info

+   Office Librarian

     +   Organize and update, catalogue library

     +   Order codes

Salary + Benefits

 Hourly pay with overtime

+   Flexible weekly commitment (32 to 45 average hours per week)

+   Bonuses based on employee and company profitability

+   Competitive benefits with medical, dental, and retirement

+   Profit Sharing

 Professional development (both paid and personal opportunity)

+   Paid holidays and personal time

To Apply

Submit your resume to:
Ashely Cole, Business Manager

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