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Co-Founder | President

"I spend much of my free time building onto and maintaining my house and farm, even now twenty years after purchase. I enjoy adventuring, sports car racing, salmon fishing, and steep-slope skiing with my wife of twenty-three years and our four teenage children. I have traveled across North America and to Europe but prefer an adventurous drive to better meet and experience local culture and people." – Dan

About Dan
Dan grew up in a construction family and has worked in wood framing, cabinetry and trim, masonry, plumbing, and electrical. He has more than twenty-five years of engineering experience while living in Baltimore, Grand Rapids, and Lexington. His projects vary from highly architectural to design-build and from wood to mid-rise steel. Dan cherishes architectural detailing and exposed structure, constructability, and historic renovation. He oversees the BK main office while also guiding project development. Among the many responsibilities he has, Dan also directs the strategic vision and execution of the overall business plan and identifies new markets and opportunities. He plays a key role in the mentorship and professional development of the design staff.



Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 1993
Master of Science in Structural Engineering, 1995
University of Maryland

Office: 859-543-0933 ext. 114
Mobile: 859-230-9942

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