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+   Good academic standing in an engineering program at an accredited university or college

+   Seniors and Graduate Students are preferred
+   Coursework in steel, concrete, masonry, and timber is preferred

+   Familiar with Revit 

+   Ability to think critically, analyze data, and solve engineering problems effectively

+   Strong verbal and written communication skills to interact with team members, clients, and contractors

+   Capacity to collaborate within the team and work well in a professional environment

+   Precise attention to detail when performing calculations, drafting, and conducting analyses

+   Willingness to learn new concepts, adapt to evolving project requirements, and take on different tasks as needed

+   Ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize work effectively to meet project deadlines

+   Demonstrated eagerness to learn, take on responsibilities, and contribute actively to projects



Job Description

Summer intern to work under senior level professional engineers while learning about structural engineering principles and contributing to real projects under supervision.  Our purpose is to empower and inspire through hands-on training and mentoring that will build and refine your skills. 
At BK, we want to help enhance your transition from an eager student to successful professional engineer. 

Job Requirements

To Apply


 Summer 2024

Submit your resume to:
Adam Ray
, Principal

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